Making coffee, making tea - SoftBrew - a very simple idea. The SoftBrew™ filter keeps the ground beans separated from the water. The method is simple; place the filter in the pot, put coffee into the filter and pour over hot water at the temperature of your choice - that's it! Click on SoftBrew™ Coffee for more details. TEA. 

The SoftBrew™ filter with generous capacity allows the water to flow and take up the taste without trapping or squashing the delicate leaves. Click on SoftBrew™ Tea for more details.

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Features & Benefits

Porcelain pot and micro filter
Your choice of coffee
Your choice of grind size
Brew your coffee as strong as you like
Easy to use and clean
Brew with full body and acidity
Stays hot longer than glass and steel
Works for cold-brew & iced coffee
Controlled sediment
Dishwasher safe

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